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Osium wants you to discover the marine world with its natural resources, and make it accessible to as many people as possible. That's why we have selected a range of fun and easy-to-use e-water toys so that young and old alike can enjoy the pleasures of water toys while respecting the environment of course !


Electric scooter of the seas

The BlueWay™ arrives on your beaches and offers the whole family the opportunity to discover the sensations of skiing thanks to its new technology. With its great stability and manoeuverability, this electric board allows you to enjoy a moment of escape on the water, without effort and with the greatest freedom!

With its directional handlebars, young and old alike surf and have fun in the turquoise waters of Mallorca. Its forward and reverse provide everyone with freedom of movement and an easy way to handle the BlueWay™.

Made of recycled material and thanks to its totally electric motor, enjoy a 100% eco-friendly e-water toys. Don’t worry about battery life. The BlueWay™ will surprise you with its long life thanks to its 7 hours of battery life!

Also take advantage of its capacity: the BlueWay™ is a water toy capable of carrying from 1 to 2 people (maximum weight of 140kg). As a couple, with friends, with family, have fun and let yourself be carried away!

  • 100% eco-responsible (silent, emission-free, recyclable),
  • respectful of others (with a speed of 7/8 km/h),
  • robust (design for professional use),
  • accessible to all (5 to 85 years),
  • perfectly stable (wide board, support on handlebars),
  • extremely manoeuvrable (reversible directional propulsion),
  • with an exceptional autonomy of 7 hours,
  • up to 3 people per board, up to 140kgs.

I download the complete file.

Data sheet (150,3 ko)

400 W

7,0 to 8,0 km/h

2 speeds


7 hours


Any public
from 5 to 85 years

3 pers. (150 kg)

silent, zero CO2 emissions

Recycled material
rotomolded board, polyethylene

62 kg

2,50 × 1,05 m
Osium eWater Sports Mallorca
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